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o f▓ind survivors as the confirmed death toll rose to 99 with nearly 200 still missing.Thousands of people displaced by the eruption have sought refuge in shelters, many of them with dead or missing loved ones and facing▓ an uncertain future, unable to return to homes destroyed by the volcano.Firefighters said the c▓hance of finding anyone alive amid the still-steaming terrain was practically nonexistent 72 hours af

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ter Sunday's volcanic explosion. Thick gray ash covering the stricken region was hardened by rainfall, making it even more difficult to dig through the mud, r▓ocks and debris that reached to the rooftops of homes.The▓ Centra

l American country's disaster and foren▓sic agency Inacif on Wednesday afternoon raised the death toll to at least 99, up from 85.Guatemala's seismological, volcanic and meteorological institute Insivumeh ▓heightened its warning

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▓digging because we could die," said 25-year-old r▓escuer Diego Lorenzana.Elsewhere, rescuers plunged metal rods into the quickly h

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ardening ash that sat atop what was previously a roadway in a desperate search for trapped vehicles, a video by local TV station Te▓levisiete showed.An elderly man, who was featured in a video

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shortly after the eruption that showed him in a state of shock, caked from head to toe in ash and mud, died from the severe burns he ▓suffered.The national disaster managemen▓t agency said 1.7 milli

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